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Van Gogh | Burning Coals

Tablature Explanation

These renditions of the music reflect the individuals interpretation only. If you feel that there are any mistakes then feel free to email me the corrections.

Burning Coals

Music by For Squirrels
Tabbed by: Andrew Cole <>

Standard Tuning -E-A-D-G-B-E-


Do it 2 times!


Am         G               F              Em
You really hate me, really hate me, wanna bring me back, 

F       C     G
to your level ground

Am         G                F                Em
You put me down, you put me down you say I'm nothing but a

F    C      G
poor little boy...

That's all of the verse you need to know.

The Chorus:

Am        G             C5        A5    Am       G          C5     A5
One, two, three, you're out of control, once you smell them burnin coals

Then it goes to the verse again, and the chorus. There is a point where
there is only guitar. THe part is Am, G, F, Em. Then, right before the
end of the song, when Jack just starts shouting. That part is:

Am  G   F   Em
Ah, ha, ha, ha.... 
Ah, ha, ha, ha....
Ah, ha, ha, ha....
Ah, ha, ha, ha....

Then there is an outro, which is just the intro.