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Van Gogh | Burning Coals

Tablature Explanation

These renditions of the music reflect the individuals interpretation only. If you feel that there are any mistakes then feel free to email me the corrections.

Van Gogh

Music by For Squirrels
Tabbed by: Josh Johnson <>

Standard Tuning -E-A-D-G-B-E-

Chords used in this song:
 Em D/F# F   G   Am  Bm  C  D(add9)
-0- -x- -1- -3- -0- -2- -0- -0-
-0- -3- -1- -3- -1- -3- -1- -3-
-0- -2- -2- -0- -2- -4- -0- -2-
-2- -0- -3- -x- -2- -4- -2- -0-
-2- -x- -3- -2- -0- -2- -3- -x-
-0- -2- -1- -3- -x- -x- -x- -x-

This is probably wrong, but it's a start.  Maybe it'll be enough
to get you started.  If you figure out the rest, please email me.

Here we are, 
I'm breaking up. 
C                  Am
Steal the breath before me now. 
C  BmAmD/F#G  Em            Em       G
Daylight comes to those who wait for sun. 

Am            C           D(add9)       Em
Falling down, getting up, coming round, and watch my back.
           C             G            Em 
You're the only one, who noticed me before, 

Em        F
I used to be alone.
C                   Am         C Bm
Get up, get up, get up and shine.
   Am      D/F#
Oh shine, oh shine. 
G       Em            Em
Tonight, like your eyes.
G      Am      C     
Like a lover's coffee cup. 
Answer me, 
     Em         C
it's all I ever wanted.
    G                Em                 G 
and rejected for and tossed aside for a later day. 

Em              F
Roll over, roll over, roll over,
     C                Am 
roll over and kiss me gently.
        C       Bm      Am     D/F# 
Kiss me gently, kiss me gently. 

  G              Em     G
I hear the voices again tonight.
       G                          C 
I will sleep inside your mouth tonight.


Music by For Squirrels
Tabbed by: Joe Klug <>

Verse   //: C    F    Fm    C   C    G/B      Am      D     G   
Am     Em
   G     G ://

Chorus  //: Am   F    G    E    F     C    Dm    G

and it ends on a C

well that's it! hope it helps