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For Squirrels Links

Most all For Squirrels pages I have found are either skeletons or gravemarkers of what were once pages. For your viewing pleasure here is what I have found.

The Unofficial For Squirrels Homepage
It's back! This site used to be listed under a different URL. But apparently this person has archived it and is now hosting it himself. Very cool.

Bury Me With J.V.
This is Denis' site. It looks like it was shaping up to be a good site but he let it go.  It was last updated on June 2nd of 1998. It has tab for Mighty K.C. and some pics. For Squirrels
A site with For Squirrels stuff for sale...and some for free! They have the Plymouth EP available on CD as well as a Mighty K.C. poster. They also have the Mighty K.C. music video on RealVideo format as well as a live performance of Flagboy on RealVideo. Definitely worth a look/see.

Mighty K.C. Guitar Tab
Fairly self-explanatory. Just some Tablature for Mighty K.C.. Here is the home page it's connected to.

For Squirrels: A lesson in surviving tragedy
Just a nice a little bio by the Boston Pheonix.

Rolling Stone: For Squirrels
The usual...a bio, Album ratings, etc...

Artist Direct: For Squirrels
I guess it's worth it if you are just looking for any For Squirrels link. It's got a message board and links to some sites. Most of them don't work though.

Subrosa Links

SUBROSA - online
This is the official Subrosa website. Merchandise, Tour info (none right now), Articles, Bio, Pics, Discography, lyrics, guestbook, a happening msg board, links, and email.

The For Squirrels/Subrosa Info site
Lots of picks from the recording for the video "Buzzard." Other For Squirrels/Subrosa stuff.

Subrosa: Life After Death
A short interview and bio leading up to Subrosa.

Misc. Links

Silent Struggles
This is a site a friend of mine made. It's for the local music scene in the Philladelphia PA area. She helped out with quite a few of the lyrics on this page.
Very cool site. This guy does some amazing art with computer programs. I highly recomend the "lands" section.

Music Links


The Get Up Kids
The Get Up Kids Official site
Get Up Kids tabs


Jimmy Eat World
Jimmy Eat World Official site
Jimmy Eat World Online
Jimmy Eat World tabs

Radiohead Official site
Radiohead: Green Plastic
Radiohead: Follow Me Around