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For Squirrels by payphones

Welcome to 'For Squirrels-Disenchanted'! It's just another home-brewed, indie, fan site. I collect tabs and lyrics as well as For Squirrels pics and stories if you have em and want me to put em up here! is back up. Apparently Subrosa is not getting back together, the separate members will be working on their own side projects.

For Squirrels Tribute CD

-Milk from a Fountain-
A friend of mine is organizing a tribute disc for For Squirrels called "Milk from a Fountain". If your interested in doing a track with your band or something or want more info on it, then email


Heck, even I forgot this sites birthday. Too much schoolwork. I've got big news coming up shortly! What could it be???? Also, a friend of mine who just moved to florida stopped by John Vigliatura's house (Jack Viglatura's Father) to tell him that he is a big fan of his son's music and that there are still lots of others out there who are too. The visit went well, so that's cool. And he stopped by Jack and Bill's graves' to pay his respects. Kudos man!

Another version of Van Gogh added thanks to Joe! Definitely better than what I had. Check em out. I changed my email adress. Just to kind of note that. It's under the contact section. Also, this site's birthday is coming up! February 3rd will mark it's 1 year anniversary. It's come a long way if anyone remembers it from it's early days.

I ditched the noframes thing. It was too much work. Hope no one minds too much.

Can you find the changes? (you know, like Waldo) I'm working on tabs for Kabaret and Go On Up, but there are just these little annoying parts in each that make it tough.

I had this photograph of FS laying around for a while that I finally scanned and added to the pics page. It looks like Bill W. Jack V. and I believe that the one on the left is their former Drummer before Jack G.. Also finally scanned and added this Sony Compilation disc to the discography that has Superstar on it. Last and least, there is now tablature for Plymouth.

I added the lyrics from "Never Bet The Devil Your Head," I guess, just in case anyone wanted them because they have a burnt copy or something. And I added it to the tab section, not that anything is tabbed from it yet. There is, however, tablature for Flagboy.

Happy Thanksgiving! Well, things have say the least. But I think it's all in my head. Changed the look on a couple pages. And the long awaited Orangeworker tabs are in! er, part of em at least.

As you can see directly above, there is a FS tribute cd in the works. Which is pretty cool. Lyrics for R.O. as well as corrections to other lyrics. Thanks Dave!

Finished the 'Discography' page with the exception of one compilation that I have yet to scan and then add to it (what will it be!!! stay tuned). More pics too, from The Unofficial For Squirrels Homepage.

Got the chords to 'Nathaniel's Song.' Wasn't so bad. Just needed to get off my ass.

I changed some more stuff around (again) and I've got the first chords to 'The Immortal Dog and Pony Show.' As well as recovered the lyrics to 'Long Live the King' which apparently had been missing.

It's been a while. But I've been cramped for time. There are probably a few new things you've noticed (and some things that you won't). I haven't any new material to add to the site just yet, but I finally got it all cleaned up. Hopefully I'll have time to do some tabs in the near future. I made a "noframes" version of the site just incase there are any people who have REALLY old browsers. Or if people just prefer noframes.

The first thing you probably noticed is...the site got moved. Tripod changed around their stuff so I was able to get this addy. They second thing you might notice is, that they upgraded their banner system. I used to have this worked out, but now they changed it so that a banner will pop up everytime you surf to another page on this site. To avoid this, simply minimize or put the ad window in the background.

I think I've figured out some basic chords to Van Gogh. I know that some of them are wrong. But, maybe it's enough to get you started.

I've changed some stuff around. Nothing major. Just cleaned up. I'm working on some tabs, but it's getting difficult to find the time. The feedback has been moved to a different page, and I fixed the link on the side for the new msg board. By the way, please sign it :)

I will be out of town for about 2 weeks. So the site won't be attended to during that time. I set up the new message board for when the old one goes out of business. I believe tomorrow. So the old one is still there for a day and this one is here for now. I also added some feedback material. So feel free to let me know what you think of the site, any suggestions for improvement would be greatly appreciated. And don't worry, I'll never know who sent it. haha. Later. -Josh

Sitepowerup, the company I use for the message board, is shutting down on June 1, 2001. I will try and get a new message board up shortly. Also, I improved the pics page so that it should load faster for those of us with slow computers.

I finally fixed all the tab around...that's about it :)

Past Updates (If that's your sort of thing)

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