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??/??/96 EK 67614

Track listing
1. Oasis Cum On Feel The Noize
2. Echobelly Car Fiction
3. Ammonia Little Death
4. Handsome Needles
5. Shudder To Think So Into You
6. Far Seasick
7. Silverchair Madman
8. Shallow Unwritten Law
9. 3lb. Thrill Bad Seed
10. For Squirrels Disenchanted
11. G Love & Special Sauce Coming Home
12. Reef Together
13. Dirt Merchants Love Apnea
14. Korn Shoots And Ladders
15. Skunk Anansie Blackskin Sexuality

Another comp. disc. And it contains the song 'Disenchanted'. I don't know anything about obtaining a copy.