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Past Updates

Corrections for Van Gogh lyrics. Also, I decided to change the name of the site from "Kill the Birds" to "Disenchanted". So if you don't like it...then TOO BAD!! haha :)

A friend of mine started up a mailing list to share For Squirrels and Subrosa stories and to gain information and whatever else. Use the link at the left for more information about joining up.

I got up a discography. It's really nothing yet, only the main albums. I will be adding more in the near future. It's finals week so....

I fixed up a lot of stuff. Also there are some more pics I scrounged up as well as some links to check out that people sent in. Thanks. I'm going to make a Subrosa page in the near future. So if anyone has anything (tabs, lyrics, pics, links to other Subrosa sites) please, please, please, send them in.

Ok, I've got some lyrics for Baypath Road. I made sure to do Van Gogh because there was a few people who wanted those. And I love that song anyway.

I added the track listings for "Baypath Road." No lyrics or tabs yet. But there should be soon?

I think that I have all of the links working now. I changed the tabs over to TXT format so that they will come up the same on all computers. I just have a lot of changing around to do to them now so they look right :) I also got a couple more pics for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Updates!! I have changed somethings around as you may have noticed. Some of the links may not be working. If they don't work (for example; once you are in the tab pages, then back out to the main tab page to go to a different song.) then back out and come in again'll figure it out. I'll get around to fixing it all soon.

Ok, Ok. I finished RayAna's corrections to the lyrics. Check em out.

I am working on tabs for Mighty K.C.. But until they are completed RayAna sent in these tabs to wet your appetite. Also RayAna sent tons of corrections to the lyrics. Thanks. Although I do not have enough time today to fix all of them. But I will soon. Solo and corrections to the chorus of Superstar by Andrew. Thank you.

Correction for 8:02 PM lyrics by KeAloha Oyer.

Lyrics for Immortal Dog and Pony Show and Mighty K.C..

I got a links page put in. Only two For Squirrels sites that are even operational though. I did out the lyrics for Superstar. They are probably wrong. I also put up a bio page that I got off of another site.

I finally got a pics page put together and also an explanation to understanding my tabs. Thanks to Pat for the pics. I think I got the guitar tab part figured out for Long Live the King which is played during the verse. Also I did extensive tabbing for Under Smithville. If you don't like it tabbed this way (with the lyrics and tabs put together) then just post a message. I will get it. If I get enough people to speak out against it then I will create a separate page for the lyrics and tabs rolled into one.

Lyrics for Stark Pretty, 8:02 PM, and Eskimosandune as well as basic tab for Superstar. Full tab for Under Smithville coming soon!

I figured out small pieces to Long Live the King and Stark Pretty. Hopefully it's enough to get you going for now until I have time to figure out the rest. I also added the lyrics page. So far only have lyrics to Orangeworker, Under Smithville, Long Live the King and Disenchanted. If I got any lyrics wrong then just tell me. Either e-mail or message board.

So far I only have partial tabs for Disenchanted and 8:02 PM. They are sketchy for now but I will get around to completing them. I'd greatly appreciate if you sent in any tabs, lyrics, or ideas of your own for the site. Or else it will take me a long ass time to complete all of the tabs on my own.


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